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May 17-21
How will you be used of God?

This is a week set aside by CEF of Florida's Heartland to raise Financial, Physical, and Spiritual support for our chapter.

In years past, we have had as many as 20+ Good News clubs in our area.  Unfortunately, this past year due to measures beyond our control, that number fell to only 2 Clubs.

Many people were afraid, but we know that God is still in control.  God has used this time to reach children in new ways that we haven't used in the past: we've had drop off prizes, teachers who have taken time to snail mail the students in the Good News Clubs, some teachers have even used text messaging to keep in contact and to pray for families from Good News Club.

Now that the state has lifted most of its restrictions, we are trying to rebuild.  In order to do that here in Polk, Highlands, Hardee, and Okeechobee we need many more people to get involved.
How will you get involved?
There are many ways:

How will you give? There are many ways you can:
1. Financially - Click here to donate.

2. Volunteer in a Club - Click here to volunteer.

3. Volunteer on our Local Board -Click here to Email our Director

4. Join our Prayer team - Click here to join our prayer team


Post 1 9am 5/17/2021


There is one other way you can serve,

Join our Staff - Right now we are looking for an Assistant Local Director to help us to grow.  
Perhaps that's you? Or maybe you know someone who would like to apply?
Click Here to email us for more information.

Excited Children in Science Class


This is Peg Lamparter.  Peg has been involved with CEF for over 40 years.  This past year when we were not able to meet at the schools, Peg picked up her phone and began texting the kids in her club.  She asked for prayer requests and kept in contact with them and their parents. She also organized her team to pray 5 days a week each day focusing on a grade level in their clubs and praying for them by name!  Here is a woman in her 80's reaching the children of Florida's Heartland by text in a time when we could not meet. 
Talk about adapting to the times!


Joan likes to teach Good News Club


Another part of our ministry is Investing in Teens to help them put their faith into action.

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