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Joining us in prayer for our chapter helps the chapter financially with Fueled by Prayer.

Here's How, Fueled by Prayer is an international prayer ministry whose purpose is to encourage Christians to join in group prayer together by telephone, and also to encourage others to join us in prayer.

This is accomplished on a conference calling phone line, with participants taking turns praying as the Lord leads for whatever they choose to pray about.  Each hour is monitored to record the names of those calling and their associated ministry, and to share their prayer needs with others.​

​Jimmie Borders, a successful businessman from Kentucky came up with the idea to grow the prayer for ministries around the world.  Jimmie's goal is to have Christians calling in daily and praying together and inviting others to pray.  Jimmie’s vision is to also tithe into participating ministries from the profits of his businesses.  His current goal is to give $1,000,000 into ministries this year. 

To access the “Fueled by Prayer”, prayer line:


1) Call: 571-317-3122


2) Enter the Access Code: 150-607-149#, don’t forget the # 


3) The monitor will ask for your name and ID number. If you do not have an ID, give them your full name and the ministry you are praying for, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Florida's Heartland I will email your ID number to you as soon as it is assigned.


4) You will be on a call line with others praying


5) When it is your turn to pray: pray 1-2 minutes based on what you feel God leading you to pray and/or use the list below


6) The call will last approximately 15 minutes and you may hang up after you pray. However, you may be blessed to stay on the line for a few minutes after you pray and pray with others.

Join the Prayer Team

Thank you!



We believe prayer is our foundation. It is not the work we do, the meetings we hold or the decisions we make that bring the greatest advances in the work; it is the time spent before the throne of God in prayer that brings power, laborers, and resources into the ministry.

Fueled by Prayer gives us the opportunity to join together in prayer for the chapter while also earning financial support. 

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