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Jim Blizzard

Local Director                                        

Raised in a pastor's home, Jim had a desire to serve God from a young age.  Jim attended Clearwater Christian College and received his degree in Biology seeking to go into medical missions, through God's providence he was directed to CEF and began serving with CEF of Florida's Heartland in January 2008.  Jim and his wife Amanda have six children and are all actively involved in the ministry.  Outside of CEF Jim enjoys barbecuing, and spending time with his wife and kids camping, swimming, hiking, and playing minecraft.


Tim Stevens

Assistant Local Director    

Tim joined CEF of Florida’s Heartland in July 2021 after 15 years working in the insurance industry.  A product of 5-Day Clubs with CEF of New Jersey as a child, Tim is now following the Lord’s call back to serve with CEF full-time, knowing firsthand the importance of training children in the Lord from an early age.  Tim graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, where he toured with the Southeastern Singers, and now lives with his wife Melody and son Samuel in South Lakeland.  When he’s not working to win souls, he’s an avid cook, board gamer, kayaker, and active member of Central Florida Mensa.

Local Board
Jim Phillips - Chair
Dorothy McGinley - Vice Chair
Joan Essigman - Secretary
Whittney Borem - Board Member
Steve Turbeville - Board Member


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